Vision, mission

Our vision – 3R plus 2E

A global problem today is that economic expansion in the world is not in balance with available natural resources. We must act to combat this. Our vision is to adopt the 3R philosophy (Reduce, Replace, Recycle) worldwide, and thereby to contribute to nature and to the next generation. We aim to be a world-leading network of local manufacturers and suppliers of sustainable transport packaging materials and solutions, and to ensure that the elements of 3R and our know-how are adopted, accepted and understood everywhere.

Sustainability means that production, transportation and service can be offered in a rational and local way. By adopting 3R locally, good Ecological and Economical benefits can be achieved, adding 2E to 3R. The vision of Eltete is to ensure the implementation of 3R + 2E globally but at local level.

Our mission

Our innovative product development is driven by the needs of our customers, at the same time taking into consideration environmental issues. We are committed to bringing the knowledge of alternative materials to those who are in need of transport packaging. We will introduce our products and supply new cost-effective sustainable materials and technology solutions to any location in the world.

Today all corporate environmental policies must lead to sustainable solutions. Eltete TPM transport packaging products meet these requirements, as well as satisfying the need for economic and other benefits in the search for the right solution.

Bo Österman
Group CEO