10.9.2010 - Nord Stream Project – Eltete packaging solution

Single‐material carton solution for Nord Stream Project

Eltete TPM is taking part in the Nord Stream pipeline Project by supplying FramePack®‐solution for transport elements used in the protection of gas pipe elements. French‐owned Eupec Pipecoatings S.A., in charge of coating and logistic services, is using this solution in their coating plants in Finland and Germany. Eltete Packaging Profiles are being used in warehousing to stack pallets and optimize the use of space.

The palletized product itself is a silicon cap, which will be placed at both ends of the 12‐meter pipe element during transportation to the assembly location. In total approximately 202,000 pipe elements will be concreteweight coated by Eupec, doubling the weight of the pipe up to almost 25 tonnes, ensuring the stability of the pipeline on the seabed. Around 40% of pipes will be coated in Kotka (Finland) and 60% in Mukran (Germany). The anticipated total capital cost of the Nord Stream Project is € 7.4 billion. The first of two parallel 1,224 km long pipelines is scheduled to for completion in 2011, the second one in 2012.

Eltete TPM has developed and produced this cost‐effective, ecological and 100 % recyclable packaging solution, which is highly suitable for the project in its concern for the environment. Eltete transport packaging products are being used as part of the logistic chain worldwide. The company currently has 21 production plants in 15 countries, which makes Eltete an interesting cooperation partner.